Q&A Glossary

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Q and A 10-9-17                                                                                                                      

-Where does ultra high rep work fit into training?  

-Massage during Peak Week

-Liquid diet and GI issues

-Can animals reason

-What keeps me going every day?

-Methods of raising chickens/eggs

-Igf Des and Peg mgf

Q and A 10-16-17

-Bridging with Sarms.. yay or nay?

-Effects of coffee on training

-Correcting biomechanics

-Vegan bodybuilding

-My current pre and intra supps (warning they are boring)

-Training close to a show

-Favorite nootropic

-Mind vs the brain

Q and A 10-24-17

-T4-T3/Clen contest prep

-Separating carbs and fat

-Fascia stretching

-Progression in training on a time budget

-Tren and T4-T3 conversion

-Blast cruise pct

-Nutrient timing differences

-Deload ideas

Q and A 10-30-17

-Holy Basil Extract

-Localized IGF activity

-IGF Binding Affinity

-Insulin/GH timing

-Best Quad and Hamstring Exercises

-Big Fat Loss Goals

-Fighting Ducks and Horses?

-Intra Workout Ingredients

GH/Insulin Pulse Protocol

Q and A 11-6-17


-Training music

-Time off due to surgery


-BFR Training

-T1 diabetic bodybuilding

-Sleep: consistency vs time

Q and A 11-13-17

-Back pain

-Chiropractic efficacy

-Rest pause training

-Landmine T Bar rows

-Supplements for cardiovascular health


Contest Prep Q and A 11-20-17

-Working through less than optimal situations

-Common peaking problems

-Water drop without diuretics

-Carb load without spilling

-Tracking progress

-Keto prep and show week loading

-Digestive issues closer to showtime

-Drying out process

Q and A 11-27-17 Lifestyle Productivity Stress Sleep and Other Hippie Shit

-Managing stress related BG increases

-PNS activation

-OTC stress supplements

-Reading material for success

-Phenibut for sleep

-Choline and Inositol


Offseason Q and A 12-3-17

-Off-season bodyfat. How much and when to pull back.

-Calorie dense foods

-How fast to reverse diet

-Free meals in the off-season

-Force feeding

-Food intolerances

-Excessive fat intake

-Training frequency

Reverse Diet/Surplus Transition Q and A 12-11-17

-Increasing metabolism and calorie intake of non competitor.

-Which macros to adjust first and why?

-When to reduce cardio and increase training intensity.

-Increasing calories/LBM from a sub optimal starting point.

-GH and MK during transition. Controlling BG levels.

-Does prep ending point impact offseason starting point?

Q and A on Lab Work (written on notebook)

Labs for natural vs enhanced

Estradiol and progesterone in women

Progesterone in men

HDL and LDL important for lipid health?

High RBC


3 Best health markers

BG 2-3 hours post meal

Q & A 12-26-17 Recovery Talk

-How to view off days mentally

-Training everyday?

-How much time off before atrophy

-Lower carbs on non training days?

-Maximum consecutive training days

-Long training cycles (more than 7 days

Digestion Q and A 1-2-18

-Extreme Gas While Bulking

-Basic Supplements

-Slow Digestion

-Ox Bile and Probiotics

-GERD with Hiatal Hernia

-Constant state of fullness


-Food elimination

Q and A on Post Show/Post Fatloss transition

This video goes over several topics including transitioning training, cardio and calories post show. Is the post show rebound real and enhanced athletes post show period.

Q and A 1-14-18

-Dawn Phenomenon

-PDE 5 inhibitors and muscle growth

-CBD Oil

-Female fat loss

-Training volume in prep

-Elevating HDL

-HCG use

Q and A 1 22 18

-Where are the limits?

-Cardio useless?

-Training 2 days per week

-Carb backloading

-My best Midlands accent

Cardio Q and A 1-29-18

-Jumping roping between sets?

-LISS only to maintain recovery

-Fasted HIIT

-Why does cardio suck?

-Rowing for cardio

-Cardio for health

-Pre LISS supplementation

-Mouse flavored cat food!

-Post workout cardio

Q and A 2-4-18

-Training for 12 year olds

-Maximum recovery

-Instinctual training

-Eating/training around illness

-SNP/DNA testing and bodybuilding

-Staying on track while traveling

-Hunger control

Supplement Q and A 2-11-18

-Nootropic frequency

-Enzymes and probiotics

-Corn silk and kidneys

-Top 5 supps

-Greens powders and multis

-GDAs in a growth phase

Psych Q and A 2-19-18

-Successful client traits

-Destructive behaviors

-Relationship with food

-Too obsessive

-Signs of disordered eating

-Negatives of social media

Plateau Q and A 2-26-18!

-Im stalled! Increase volume or??

-Active ROM limiting growth?

-Time under tension helpful for plateaus?

-What limits female muscle growth?

-Extended refeeds

-Percieved plateaus

-Gaining strength vs gaining muscle

-Determining sticking points

Hormone Q and A 3-5-18 (in notebook)

-PCOS signs, symptoms, diagnosis treatment options

-Post show hormonal recovery

-Fat intake to support hormone profile for natural athletes

-Gyno and androgens

-Adaptogens to treat hormone imbalances

-Cyclical Progesterone use for normal menstrual cycle

Digestion Q & A Part 2

-Common GI issues

-Food sensitivity testing

-Artificial sweeteners


-GI and mood, disease, performance, behavior

-Loose bowls

Cardiovascular Health Q and A 3-18-18

-QT Intervals


-Vegan vs meat eaters

-Stress and CV health

-ACE I’s and ARB’s and RAAS activation

-Raising HDL

Q and A 3-26-18

-Lions Man

-Volume tapers/deloads and retaining muscle

-Metformin in prep

-When to rotate exercises vs when to deload

-Stop stress in its tracks

-Combating age related fatigue


-Leg training with bad knees

Refeed Q and A 4-1-18

-Weight spikes before refeeds?

-High serum potassium

-Post show refeeds/free meals

-Refeed in a caloric surplus?

-Fasting after refeeds/free meals

-Does the BMR boost offset the refeed itself?

-Fat loss strategies

-Refeed food selection

Training Q & A 4-10-18

-Calf gainzzz

-Shoulder growth

-Training close to a contest

-Methods to accrue volume

-Lyle vs Sumi celebrity death match

-High volume/lower intensity vs low volume/higher intensity

-Legs without squats

-Sports specific training

Contest Prep Q & A 4-16-18

-Starting prep in the optimal position

-Too late to back out of prep?

-Lack of adherence in prep

-Gut health in prep

-Prepping with eating disorders?

-Competing every year

-Negative prep mindset

Q and A 4-24-18!

-Keto, fasting and insulin sensitivity

-GH and blood sugar

-Fruit as a carb source

-Traits for success

-Pec training

-MK 677 and long term ghrelin issues?

Q and A 5-1-18!

-Leaky Gut

-Fasting in the offseason?

-Spot reducing fat for females

-TRT esters

-Keto with higher BF?

-Are you ready to start your first prep?

-Supplementation as we age

-5HTP use

Fasting Q and A 5-8-18

Daily fasting pros and cons

Electrolytes while fasting

When should you fast?

Fasting during a growth phase?

Length of fasts for fatloss

GH/Yohimbine timing during fasts

Fasting and females MC

Training fasted

Shift work and fasting

Injury Q and A 5-19-18

When to push and when to pull back


Unilateral Injuries

Compound movements and injuries

Training with Spondylolisthesis

Lagging body parts post injury

Q & A 5-27-18

Sweetners of choice

Clen vs DNP

Fitness buzz words

Peptopro worth it?

Mainstream keto


Sports fan?

Building muscle in maintanence phase

Should you start a mini cut

Tren sleep sides

Building muscle with limited gym time

Contest Prep Q & A 6-3-18

Blood glucose control in prep

Self condfidence in prep

Satellite cells

Cardio outside of prep?

Post show psychology

Difficulties of prep ONLY clients

Stubborn fat areas

Lab Work Q & A Edition 2! 6-14-18

-Hemoglobin and Hematocrit management

-Thermogenics and your blood work

-Labs for natural vs enhanced

-Starting lab work before working with a new client

-Estrogen, lh and fsh in females

-Hydration and blood work

-Reducing high cortisol or should you?

Training Manipulation Q and A 6-20-18

Exhaustion vs over reaching in prep

Minimum effective volume

Metabolic adaptions

How soon to change variables

Deload manipulations

Duration of a training block

Weak body part specific

Movements per session

Q and A 7-1-18!

Supplements for anxiety

Coaches bashing coaches?

Chrons nutrition

Core instability

Heartbeats in your lifetime?

Bonus question 🤣

What Holds You Back? Q and A 7-8-18 part 1

Should I go all in?

Staying the course through lifes obstacles

Mental overreaching and negative food relationships

Posterior chain recovery

Sifting through the negatives

Effective training with limited time

What Holds You Back? Q and A Part 2

Sick of what youre eating?

Meal frequency myth

Core strength limiting compound lifts

Hormones making you fat in the offseason?

Body image

Post Show Q and A 7-20-18

Emotions on stage

Post show psychological readiness

How aggressive to add calories post show

Post show meal

Post show CNS recovery

1 year contest prep?

Open Q and A 7-26-18!

Neurological vs Hypertrophy Training

Training/nutrition periodization

AI use… Is it needed?

Raise your glycine intake?!


Compounds during fatloss phase

Q and A 8-1-18

Monitoring BG levels

Getting leaner but BG not dropping?

Being bigger = more clients?

Baseline BG fast or slow

Programming documents

HIGH protein

My daily food sources

Nutrition Focused Q & A 8-9-18

Free meals/refeeds useful in a surplus?

Intra workout EAAs and HBCD

Should you carb cycle on rest days? AUC

Vertical Diet

Carb vs calorie cycling

Intra workout for training upon waking

Q and A 8-19-18

-Slow digestion during peak week

-Tracking trace macros

-Dangers of insulin?

-Digesting large meals

-“Owning” a weight before a cut

-Progress with limited resources

-Transitioning in and out of aggressive mini cuts

-Reducing cardio after a fatloss phase

Q and A 8-26-18

-Bodybuilding for broke college student

-Training natural vs enhanced

-Training while fasting

-Muscle stim training

-ECA vs Clen vs Yohimbine

-Upper/Lower splits

-Bosu ball training

-TENS unit

Q and A 8-31-18

contest prep compounds, bang for your buck

Ketotifen use with clen

Splitting clen/t3 dose

Combating extreme stress and depression

Imrpoving Hashimotos and Graves disease

28 day saliva test and cycle mapping for “crashed” female hormones

DHB use

Sounds to sleep by

Tren cough

Calorie vs macro based diets


Lions Mane

Probiotic strengths

Hormone Q & A 9-9-18

Strategies to lower cortisol

Post cycle concerns for females using PEDs

Trestolone only cycle and use in HRT setting

Optimal IGF levels

Low LH and FSH while on TRT

Female HRT: Optimizing each hormone

Coming off thyroid meds?

Lab work concerns on HRT

Q and A 9-16-18

Time on vs time off

RU58841 to treat DHT side effects

Some back story on my coaching journey

Forms of magnesium

Micro dosing melatonin

Sleep apnea treatment

Creating a calorie surplus with carbs or fat?

Cardio Q and A 9/30/18

Pull HIIT cardio from prep?

Pratical application of offseason cardio

Does offseason cardio control bodyfat?

Strongman style cardio

Cardio timing

Q and A 10/14/18!

Compromising binge eating situation

Free vs total testosterone levels

OTC supps for performance and growth

Joints ache after long layoff

No carbs and no fat in prep?!

Pyramid scheme for hypertrophy

Mixed macro meals

REALLY smelly gas

Q and A 10-26-18!

Blood work for erectile dysfunction

 Identifying insulin resistance

Waking up multiple times throughout the night

Patella tendonitis

 Whole food meals around training

Volume versus tension for hypertrophy

How do stimulants work?

Rate of weight gain in a growth phase

Myostatin in receptor saturation

 Bikini competitor with saggy glutes, help!

Supplement Q and A 11-5-18

Top 3 0TC supplements and which ones to avoid

Injectible l carnitine

Intra workout supplementation

Antioxidants around training

Berberine as a stand alone GDA

Blood pressure

Berberine vs Metformin

GDAs pre/intra workout?

Offseason Q and A 11-11-18

GDAs offseason vs pre contest

Offseaspon keto and insulin

Powder vs whole food, my take

Macro timing

Building muscle efficiently with higher bf%

Q and A Episode 11-18-18

00:28 Can hormones impact digestion?

4:40 Vegan food options

8:27 Nutrition/training structure for natural vs enhanced

10:10 Acne treatment on AAS

13:00 Can probiotics make GI health worse?

Health Based Q and A 11-25-18

0:35 Morning GI drink, what to add, drink cold or hot?

4:45 Maintaining HDL levels while blasting

10:45 Ideal Prolactin levels

14:00 Benefits of BPC 157

17:40 Heart rate monitors and QT intervals

Q and A 12-5-18!

Cyano vs Methyl Vitamin b12

Ostarine in women

Raised heart in growth phase

Red faces and roid guts?!

MK vs GH–Insulin without GH–Focusing on auto/paracrine IGF

Ankle swelling from long days standing

Q & A 12-16-18!

-Most common training injuries

-Who would be my lifetime training partner?

-My views on periodization

-Insulin pre workout versus post workout. Where does GH fall into this?

-Sugar versus artificial sweeteners

-Clomid as a part of a fertility protocol

-Occlusion training, how long to leave the bands on?

-YK11 dosing

Holiday Q and A! 12-25-18

Implementing free meals

HIIT cardio post workout?  1:50

Deciding training splits  3:35

Sleep apnea causes  5:40

Smith machine rack pulls  9:52

Contest Prep/ Fatloss Q & A 12-31-18

–Scenarios in which T3 can be used and when

4:07 Cryolypolysis

8:35 Offseason mini cuts

11:10  Low carb high fat vs low fat high carb  & clen doses

15:40 Thyroid dysfunction and TSH vs T4/T4

Super Awesome Q and A 1-7-19

-Proper rest periods

-Bodybuilding books.  1:50

-IBS lifestyle changes.  3:10

-Biggest head in bodybuilding.  7:20

-Accumulation and deload schemes.  9:20

-SSRIs and Benzos.  12:04

-Purpose of offseason free meals.  16:58

-Waist trainers.  19:32

-My offseason.  21:10


Q and A 1-18-19

–Must one be insulin sensitive to utilize fat loss supplements?

2:40 Does synthol still have a place in bodybuilding?

4:45 Staying hydrated on very high food intake

7:15 How to split GH/inuslin dose

9:25 Deca for HRT? Deca only cycles

12:25 Types of carbs and protein to be used with GH/inuslin

Super Duper Digestion Q & A 1-28-19

Sweeteners and gut flora

2:10 Balanced nervous system and digestion

3:28 Motility disorders

4:42 Walking after meals for digestion?

6:06 Betaine HCL and digestivr enzymes

8:43 ACV and lemon juice morning shake

9:21 Uses for DGL and charcoal

11:26 Probiotics, which ones and how much?

13:34 Are food intolerance tests useful?

Wicked Awesome Q and A 2-4-19

Stubborn fat loss when starting prep

2:17  Should you be aggressive at the beginning of contest prep?

3:52  Using digestive supplements indefinitely

6:25  Stubborn body parts: too much or too little?

8:26 GH total dose split over training days and non training days or all on training days only?

9:24  Post workout hitt cardio:  Well exogenous insulin blunt fat loss?

10:53 Exogenous ketones while not in ketosis

13:15 Metformin and longevity

Magnificent Q and A 2-11-19

45 sets per body part?! Research and application

3:03 Tracking Volume

6:15 Low SHBG and Insulin Resistance

8:18 Calculating insulin and postprandial BG

11:48 When to back off training in prep to stay safe

Wicked Awesome Q and A 2-21-19!

Tracking chilli and other multi source foods

2:34 My dirtiest thoughts?

3:41 My favorite breakfast

5:18 Insulin does not cause diabetes! Heres why.

9:47 Does donating blood actually help long term or are hemoglobin and hematocrit less important than we thought

13:44 Experiences with low volume training

Wicked Awesome Q and A 3-2-19!

T3 with Tren, is it necessary?

2:36 TRT for younger me

5:15 PEDs: High doses vs moderate doses in contest prep

8:52 Benefits of both basal and rapid insulin

Contest Prep/Fat Loss Q and A 3-10-19

Thyroid reboot after T3 use

2:55 Cardarine for females: dose/duration

4:13 Multiple shows 4 wks apart

6:38 Maintaining thyroid function in a deficit

10:25 Low hemoglobin & BP & donating blood

13:38 Metformin for quicker ketosis while fasting

17:10 Does meal frequency matter for fat loss?

19:10 Bonus: Andreas Munzer’s BF%

Post Show Q and A 3-18-19

Transitioning to TRT post show

2:46  How and what to raise calorie/macro wise post show

4:05 Insulin use post show and post show training recommendations

5:21  When to get lab work post show


6:11  Can long term TRT impact pregnenolone and DHEA levels

Q and A 3-28-19!

Clen and heart health

2:14:  Breathing techniques for sports performance

4:42:  Cortisol and BG/BP connection

7:47:  DIMand estrogen. Males vs Females

11:20: Direct ab training

14:50:  Getting clients to trust the process

18:34:  Insulin and bloating?

Huge Q and A This Week 4-3-19

Yohimbine during extended fasting

2:58: Maximum T3/Clen dose/duration

5:49: Laxative use in contest prep

8:25: Post w/o hypos, refeed hypos and more

15:15: Supps for insulin sensitivity

17:32: Cpap Face

19:22: Hormone balance and fat loss

20:58: Metformin use

22:20: Carb cycling for insulin sensitivity. Does it work?

Disclaimer:  Austin style is not a doctor and this should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your physician in matters regarding your health.  This video does not condone the use of potentially harmful substances.


Q and A 4-15-19!

-How much does NEAT drop as bodyweight drops?

3:33 Are there any AAS that dont down regulate HPTA function.

4:30 Peaking natural vs enhanced athletes

6:32 Combating clen and yohimbine side effects

7:40 Do greens drinks help cover micros ans digestive needs?

9:37 Goals during prolonged off periods

Super Fresh Q and A 4-29-19!

-Dietary changes 1 month pre contest

2:02 Exogenous insulin and insulin resistance

3:15 Rep ranges for hypertrophy

4:57 Transitioning out of a high fat diet

6:24 Low fat detrimental in the offseason?

7:50 GH Timing

9:40 Knee wraps, yay or nay?

Q and A 5-11-19!

-Diluting intra workout drinks

1:33 PEDS for multiple shows and post show

4:33 Thoughts on Astragulus for kidney health

6:54 HIIT for those with adrenal dysfunction

8:22 Peak week training

10:08 MK677/Insulin vs GH/Insulin

Everyones Favorite Q and A Show 5-25-19!

-Gyno on stage, whos responsible (also can tren cause gyno?)

4:45 Powerlifting educational resources

5:51 Limiting beliefs and how they impact our path

7:28 When to begin drinking your intra shake

8:41 My future plans

9:43 Resources that kept me on track early on

Q and A 6-7-19!

Insulin use in contest prep: 40 seconds

Grounding or earthing : 2:15

Peak week approach for Jr. USA: 4:45

OTC Test/thyroid booster usage: 6:15

Macro increases, which one should you change?: 10:00

Q and A 6-14-19!

Ideal fasting and postprandial BG  1:00

Choosing OTC Health Supplements  5:00

Tracking resting heart rate  6:55

Acne prevention and control  9:40


Everyones Favorite Q and A 6-28-19!

Proper age to start strength training: 0:45 

Mood improvements/trensomnia on deca/tren: 2min 

Resetting after binge : 3:45 

Raised liver enzymes, a concern? : 5min

Benadryl and clen yay or nay?: 6:45

Water loss when pulling Yohimbine and HGH : 7:37

Insulin with fat intake: 8:45


Wicked Awesome Q and A 7-12-19

0:30 Double stimulation training 

2:45 Higher fasting BG in a fatloss phase? 

6:35 Does DIM need cycled?

6:45 BG normalization before carb meals

11:25 Supplements for acid reflux 


IMH Q AND A 7-27-19!

00:21 Birth control considerations

4:20 – HCG: When to use?

7:00 – Prescription meds for blood pressure

9:40 – Tracking protein only for weight maintenance

11:16: When to increase calories? 

14:52: Lantus with a keto diet


Sleep Q & A 8-9-19 😴

00:48 –  Poor sleep and training auto regulation

4:15 – Why does tren impact sleep

7:30 – Can’t digest after training

9:45 – PTSD sleep

14:50 – Eating close to bed time

16:17 – Losing sleep to get up and train

19:10 – Sleeping during the day/ shift work


Q and A 8-18-19!


0:30 – DHT Compounds in the Offseason?

4:30 – Will I ever be big enough to compete?

6:30 – Naps in prep or stay up and increase NEAT?

8:45 – Maximizing short training windows

10:20 – Worst compounds for side effects?

12:00 – Antioxidants and blunted training response

13:49 – DNP use, short or long duration? 


Q and A August 29, 2019


Whos your davorite client 😂 – 0:40

Minimizing contest prep damage – 1:00

Loaded stretching – 4:25

High vegetable volume and digestion – 6:00

Insositol and sleep – 8:30

Reverse diet help- 11:30

Clen usage ins and outs – 14:45

Smelling salts for bodybuilding – 16:50

Is it ok to fart on the leg press? 😂 – 18:30

How long after cycle should someone come off – 19:00


Wicked Awesome Q and A 9-6-19!


Fasted vs Postprandial Blood glucose – 0:35

Protein powder vs whole food – 4:19

Accurate Protein Powder Labels – 5:53

Desoxy T Acetate – 8:03

Bpc 157 –  11:05


Fatloss Q and A 9-13-19!


When is fasted cardio applicable – :31

DNP, game changer or danger – 2:26

HIIT followed by LISS? – 4:47

Can you actual lower your BF set point? – 6:50

Inj. L-Carn worth it? – 8:45

Clen thoughts – 10:26

Does GH require t4? – 12:25


Food Selection: More About Fats and Shelf Stability

Talking about not only how to choose the right fats for your diet but how to source them. 

If you guys like this video let me know in the comments below and I can do some more videos on food selection!


Everyone’s Favorite Q and A 9-26-19!

0:25 – mini cut considerations

2:50 – best PED for prep? 

4:05 – jaw soreness during prep 

6:14 – Determining lantus starting dosage 

7:38 – the CNS and bodybuilding 

10:05 – Sensitive breast glands on TRT, Nolvadex?

12:54 – Constipation the last week of prep

15:33 – Fat loading considerations


Q and A 10/14/18!


:30 – Pump up foods

3:30 – Females losing cycle during prep

5:35 – All day athletic event dieting

8:35– Egg whites intolerance

9:50 – Criteria to adjust in fat loss phase 

14:18– Supps for cortisol and stress 

16:45 – Clearing inflammation pre show 

18:17 – Peak week protocols


Recovery and Training Q and A 11-3-19!


Infrared sauna – 0:38

2:30 – Macro manipulation on rest days 

3:45 –  Capillary density training 

6:30 – Cryotherapy, yay or nay?

7:50 – Signs to deload

12:00 – TB500 and BPC157 usage


Awesome Q and A 11-15-19!


Colonic Hydrotherapy – 20 seconds

Aromatase inhibitors for females: 1:20

Hemoglobin A1C vs blood glucose: 3:30

Short vs long cuts and bulks: 5:00 

hcg and LH levels: 6:45

Breakfast cereals with high iron: 7:55

Cardio adoption and heart rate: 9:07

1 leg split squat variations: 11:00


Super Duper Q and A 11-19-2019!

Dutch Tests – 0:23

High fasting BG even while losing weight? – 1:35

Off season GH timing – 3:45

Game changers documentary – 6:00

Blocky waist – 10:30

Rest days carbs vs fats 1200

Should you rotate training stimulus? – 13:25

Fasted blood glucose mid to high 90s – 14:38

Pro/fat meal pre bed to fuel fasted training? – 16:05


Morphogen Macrogen Breakdown



Contest Prep/Fatloss Q and A 12-4-19

0:48 – When should prep start? 

7:45 – Making weight versus looking your best 

12:30 – Yohimbine hcl without fasted cardio 

15:30 – Fast acting carbs with fats pre w/o

19:00 – How far out to start posing practice?


Battling Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips for Success!

How you can manipulate your environment to battle seasonal affective disorder.



Q and A 12-20-19!

0:27 – Non training day nutrition set up

4:11 – Off season cardio and body composition

5:55 – Supplements for gut health 

8:25 – Ways to increase appetite other than a pull back phase

13:02 – High fat off days

14:45 Metric for increasing load each week 

18:25 Top sets and backdown sets

19:38 High carb low fat to avoid fat accrual?

22:09: Lowest fat you’d set a client at in a surplus


Another Awesome Q and A 1-2-19!

Holiday reset 0:45 sec

HRV Trackers 3:10

Best budget hormone testing 6:49

Cramping Post Workout 8:15

Meal Plans vs Macro Plans 11:55

Direct Ab Training 15:30

7 keto DHEA 16:24

Insulin Resistance and Efficiency of Clen 18:18

Women’s Bodybuilding in 2020 20:20


Huge Q and A 1-24-2020

Keto and metabolic adaptations – 1:17

LR3 for building muscle? –6:00

Percussion therapy – 8:04

Cinnamon GDA – 9:55

Drinking water after meal – 11:40

Humalog vs lantus – 12:45

DNP blast diet – 15:15

Progressing on specific lifts – 17:55

High systolic BP and low diastolic – 20:45

Best macros for bulking – 24:04


Morphogen Thermogen Breakdown!

A unique pre cardio powerhouse!



Big Q and A 2-7-2020!


0:25 Any advantage to grass fed whey?

1:41 Eating into a 2nd show

5:10 Collagen benefits?

8:40 Combined insulin therapy year around

9:24 EAA benefits

12:25 When to be concerned with inflammation

19:54 Using a continuous BG monitor

21:55 Proviron in the offseason

22:54 Nolotil usage

27:44 Controlling BG while on GH

29:55 When do you know it’s correct time to become enhanced


Q and A 2/23/2020!

Elbow Tendinitis: 0:35

Astragalus Usages: 5:00

Giving Blood Raises Blood Viscosity?!: 7:18

Miracle Noodles: 11:10

Bicep Tear Recovery: 15:00

Next Level Offseason Progress: 18:25


Morphogen Nutrition MorphoTEST Breakdown!



Q and A 3-12-2020!

0:28 – What type of cardio for general health?

3:05 – Health supps ans fiber timing

4:15 – Fasted training off season?

10:45 – DC Training: 2 straight sets different rep ranges to replace rest pause. 

13:22 – TRT & AI

17:32 – Metformin synergy with GH? 


White Board Chat: Thyroid Hormone Conversion/Reverse T3



Quarantine Q and A 3-24-2020

0:29 How the podcasts I cohost became successful

2:17 Any difference in hypertrophy with 1 or 2x per frequency if volume is matched?

4:19 How to go about setting up a DC split

7:01 Does eating an acidic diet need to be counterbalanced? 

9:08 Do supplements that are an “acid” (like ALA) make a difference toward the acid scenario?


Another Quarantine Q and A 3-30-2020!

0:30 How to set up a DC Training split

3:30 Higher vs lower meal frequency and digestion

6:45 Raising test close to a show? 

8:00 Dealing with gyno while on TRT?

11:10 Building a client base from scratch

16:14 Dealing with HYPERthyroidism

19:49 Abdominal and Calf Training with minimal equipment


White Board Chat: Spotting Stress on Lab Work




4-8-2020 Q and A! Quarantine and Off topic!

0:25  Without gym access, is training the CNS through other means something that we should focus on for hypertrophy?

3:08 Training hamstrings with bands and light DBs.

6:24 Favorite vacation spots and places Id like to visit.

10:00 Is muscle loss something to be concerned about when training a home without much equipment?


White Board Chat: Ins and Outs of Adrenal Insufficiency



Q and A 4-13-2020!

0:39 Test:Estrogen ratios

5:27 Home back training

9:25 Most challenging and most rewarding aspect of business ownership?

16:10 Appropriate age and experience to consider anabolics?

19:12 Best cutting cycle?


White Board Chat! Alterations in Blood Glucose: WHY?!




4-19-2020 Q and A!

0:25  Favorite exotic meats

2:17  Thoughts on the Tiger King

3:16 Working with T1D and  Metabolic Syndrome

9:27  What’s the word on bone broth?

11:22  Digestibility of egg whites

14:53 Overview of SHBG

19:46 Getting the best pumps

21:24  My personal experience with different types of training. 


Awesome Hormone Q & A 4-26-2020!

0:52 High DHEA-S in females 

5:09 Calorie cycling hormonal and metabolic advantages

8:47 Causes of refeed day hunger

11:47 T4 needed with GH? 

13:30 Animal thyroid and thyroxine content

15:10 When to use basal insulin vs rapid

18:00 Factors to monitor when starting TRT

20:34 Does GH actually work? 


White Board Chat: Hyperandrogenism in Females!



Q and A 5-3-2020: Awesome Questions!


0:35 Considerations for NA:K ratio

3:20 When to change exercise selection

5:16 Refeeds and a calorie surplus?

6:45 Thoughts on full body programming

10:36 GH/insulin use in offseason, daily, training days, weak body parts? What to consider.

13:39 Incorporating reset days during a growth phase?

16:23 Rack pulls, dead lifts and T-bar rows for DC back thickness exercises?

18:19: Considerations for the most tissue growth post show.


My Personal Lab Work Analysis!



White Board Chat: Whats The Deal With Inflammation?!





Morphogen MorphoREM vs MorphoCALM!



Q and A 5-3-2020: Awesome Questions!

0:35 Considerations for NA:K ratio

3:20 When to change exercise selection

5:16 Refeeds and a calorie surplus?

6:45 Thoughts on full body programming

10:36 GH/insulin use in offseason, daily, training days, weak body parts? What to consider.

13:39 Incorporating reset days during a growth phase?

16:23 Rack pulls, dead lifts and T-bar rows for DC back thickness exercises?

18:19: Considerations for the most tissue growth post show.


White Board Chat: Importance of Holding Phases!



White Board Chat: Analysis of Really Bad Bloodwork!



Morphogen MorphoBRAIN V2 Breakdown!




IMH Q and A 5-11-2020!


0:25 Volume vs intensity 

5:50 GH Bolus dosing vs spread dosing

10:22 Mast and primo in growth stack?

12:57 Daves death metal corner

13:56 Determining size of caloric increases post show and throughout growth phase

18:03 CNS supplements