Kelli Sanford (Professional Dancer/Bikini Pro) – coaching client

“When I first started working with Austin, I was a bit tentative for I was referred to him by another trainer who could not take any more clients. Not knowing Austin beforehand I took a chance by hiring him as my nutrition coach for my third Figure prep. It was the BEST decision I made to work with him. He proved to me right away that he was not only focused on just the physical aspects of prep, but had great concern and focus on the health of my current metabolic state and overall health. Another aspect that I greatly appreciated was that Austin was able to help with the emotional/psychological process that is a big part of being successful with a figure prep. He was great at knowing how to “set one’s mind” in a positive way that helped nurture the physical body’s transformation. To me , this was one of the main reasons why I found my prep easy and enjoyable this time. Each day of my prep I actually looked forward to the process because I knew that Austin had a firm understanding of how to approach my nutrition and training for ‘my body’. I would highly recommend Austin for a coach/trainer to anyone who is a first time competitor to a veteran competitor.”

Thomas Munck

Thomas Munck (Bodybuilder and Health Coach) – coaching client

“For the past year and a half I have had the privilege to work alongside with Austin. I personally have chosen to use the term “alongside” because that’s exactly how our coach-client relationship was set up. We worked as a team, bouncing ideas off of one another when it came to all aspects of training, nutrition, and cardio. This for me was what lead me to working with Austin in the first place. His high level of knowledge, and capabilities to connect with his clients shows his respect, morals, and values for each individual. Austin will be the first to tell you that I came to him not only with a number of physical changes in mind, but was currently facing some mental battles as well.

After a series of conversations both through email, and then finally on the phone (which I don’t know how he was able to do this given the work ethic he puts forth to cross all of his T’s and dot his I’s for each client) he pushed me to seek the professional help I needed to come to terms with my anxiety and depression. Not only did he help me with this, but also was able to recommend a number of natural supplements that I have been using for the past year that have played a significant role in my daily life. If it wasn’t for Austin’s push and confidence in me, I truly might have never sought out the help that ultimately has changed my life! I truly can’t thank him enough!

When I spoke earlier about Austin’s wealth of knowledge that was in large part to the notion that he covers all areas physically, mentally, and emotionally with his clients. Over the past year he has given me a number of tips to help aid in digestion, nutrition partitioning, nutrient timing, supplementation protocols, to various training routines. All of which have helped me develop not only my physique but my knowledge as well.

As I began to research more of the topics on my own which we talked about, Austin was always more than willing to point me in the direction of various research articles, colleagues, and gave his opinion on the topic. Not once did he ever speak down to me or neglect to value my personal thoughts, and opinions.

Austin is more than just a coach, he is now one of my close friends. He is someone who I would recommend for any and all physique transformation enthusiasts. I can promise you that if you were to seek out Austin for help, not only would you get the physical results you’re looking for. But also change your life mentally, and emotionally.

So the question is what are you waiting for?”

Erin McBeth

Erin McBeth (Figure Competitor) – coaching client

“I started working with Austin in August of 2013.  I found him by doing some social media scouring to find a coach after hitting a very frustrating weight loss plateau.  I came to him as a clueless newb to the fitness and nutrition world. I was under-eating, doing TONS and TONS of cardio, and almost zero weight training (bet you never heard that one before lol).  I originally had no goals to compete- I just wanted my old self back…. I wanted to have a diet that was sustainable and do exercises that I enjoyed.  Thankfully, Austin was willing to take the time to truly TEACH me what I needed to know. He didn’t just throw some generic programming at me….he got to know me, helped me learn, gave me resources, etc.  He built me from the ground up.  He taught me everything I know now.  I lost 30lbs in the first several months with him, then did a reverse diet where I was able to rebuild my metabolism into the monstrosity that it is today.  Eventually, after being surrounded by him and other like-minded individuals, I decided I wanted to do a figure competition.  Austin helped me get into the best shape of my life, and helped me accomplish something I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I could. Now, as I am in what I intend to be an extended improvement season, I am still learning things from him–Every. Single. Day.  Austin is a teacher, a supporter, a motivator, and now an extremely close friend.  I am so beyond thankful for the life that he has given me, and the wealth of knowledge that I now have to continue within my fitness journey.  I am happier than ever.”

Jeremy Miskinis

Jeremy Miskinis (Top National Level Amateur Bodybuilder) – coaching client

“I met Austin about a year ago, I was preparing for a contest and I was having some nasty health issues (Candida, GI issues and digestive stress), I had read some of his writings on Facebook regarding digestive health so I decided to reach out to him for any advice as I was at a standstill. He responded immediately and that day we were talking on the phone. We hit it off right away as we think alike and he went above and beyond trying to help me, as a stranger and I was impressed with his knowledge. After a few more conversations I decided to work with Austin for another contest, the IFBB North American Championships, that were a few weeks away. In that short time we were able to ease some of the damage incurred from the previous prep and considering the circumstances and short time frame we brought in a much improved physique than a few weeks prior and I felt healthy what was the main thing.

We continued to work together for the following year towards the next Nationals prep. That offseason had set backs not related to training but the diet continued and this was by far the best off season I had in ages. We fine tuned my food choices as well as supplementation so that I had no more digestive or GI issues that I had been dealing with for many years off and on. It was great as well as a new experience to feel so healthy and grow and be able to eat many foods I had to avoid before.

Now we are a few weeks away from my next contest, this is by far the best prep I have ever experienced in terms of overall health and well-being. No prep is ever easy but to be able to diet and feel much better than usual, for me, is a new experience and I’ve worked with some of the top coaches out there. What Austin has done for me has put him at the top of the list of the best coaches in the game right now.

In a few weeks we will be bringing my best package to date and and I look forward to continuing to work with him and highly recommend him to anyone looking to step on stage at their best or even someone just looking to be in shape and healthy.”

Karlene Malcolm (NPC Bikini Competitor) – coaching client

“I started training with Austin weeks before a competition. I was bottomed out on excessive cardio and very little calories. In just a few weeks he pulled me out and I competed looking the best I had looked in all of my competitions. A year later I competed in my first npc show where I took first and qualified for nationals. From competing at nationals in Miami to helping me improve my health to get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy, Austin has been there to make me not only look my best but most importantly feel my best. Always putting health above all, Austin can get you where you need to be! “

Billy Heck (NPC Classic Physique Competitor) – coaching client

” I can’t speak highly enough of Austin, obviously this guy puts his life into his work. Never in a million years would I thought I could accomplish what we have. His strategy and implementation is so individual specific it’s out of this world. In just a short time he’s able to absolutely dial in my nutrition but he is able to read a individuals personality and find ways to strategically implement what is necessary for that person to reach their personal goals. Everyone has different lifestyles and personalities and issues inside and outside the gym. I’m telling you he will find a way without even letting you know what has gone into his planning. If there is an emergency he can fire an off the hip correction or for whatever personal reason could not be on track, he can quickly and accurately assess and fix the issue to stay on track! We are about a week out from my show and this guy surprises me every week with the strategy he uses. Personally I am a very anxious person and always worry or try to make a suggestion in which he has already 10 steps ahead. My only and biggest problem is not finding him sooner. If I would have prepped with him prior or been a longer term client I would have known there is zero to worry about or to concern myself with. I really hope he lets me continue to work with him in the future as I could never dream of anything more of how someone could possibly put more effort into my personal goal. Next week when we are on stage in which will not determine how well we did, but the things I’ve learned and the physique I was able to obtain in the time we had is still blowing my mind. I am beyond pleased with what he has done so far and the efforts he puts forth. I’ve been with quite a few coaches and Austin is by far the most in tune with not only progress but the well being of the client. Hes worth every penny knowing what he is able to do for the average Joe Shmoe like myself. I can’t even put a dollar amount on the changes he is making in my quality of life as a competitor. If you don’t believe me you can as my wife and 3 kids who get to see first hand!  “

Kara Goss – mentorship client

Mark Tomane – mentorship client

Meredith Paci – mentorship client

Kenneth Almond – mentorship client